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AWANNET LLC, Inc. (DBA A1NET)   is a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Florida.



A1net is an IT consultant and computer hardware company with extensive on-the-job-experience and formal education on several IT and related topics. We deliver strategic solutions that will help you achieve real business success. Our consultants work with you to develop solutions to fit your business and extend its reach into the new network connected market.

Located in Melbourne, FL, A1net has been in business since 2011. We are ready to put our experience to work for you today. We realize the importance of a cost effective solution for any business. We analyze businesses to develop a management plan, implement this plan, and provide ongoing service. A1net has developed a reputation as a versatile, dependable, and extremely reputable company with a knowledgeable staff and the flexibility to handle all types of jobs.

Our main target is to provide integrated managed IT services to business and corporations. We always looked for the most effective and streamlined solutions, providing the customer with a bespoke system that fit their needs. A complete flow of information from the internet to the customers’ workstations. A leverage of all existing available technologies nowadays. Teleconferencing, remote access, firewalls, vpn access, hosted email, distributed network and resilient wireless connection are part of this integrated solution.

A1net provides full server, PC and Laptop service, from custom computers, installations, data recovery to repairs for individuals and business. Stop by our location or call for an appointment. We are registered Microsoft providers.

The gaming community is another one of our target fields. We get with the customer to find out what games are being played and the expected level of performance. After a selection of part, goals and budget is discussed with the customer, we proceed to design a custom solution for the customer.  By analyzing preexisting benchmarks beforehand, and profiling the system after it has been installed, the gaming rig is tuned to maximum performance while implementing industry standard server management procedures to assure maximum reliability.

We also develop motion control solutions for the time-lapse community, camera control mechanism, lens motors and design Arduino and Atmel based microcontrollers including pcb design and manufacturing.