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Our  Audio Services

The following is a list of our most popular services. Feel free to contact us for information regarding a complete list of our services. We can always tailor our services to meet your needs.

SL 1200 MKII-MK7


Make use that your unit can perform for years at the highest grade. Service and refurbishment of the turntables. Calibrations, clean-up, grease and oil mechanism, pots replacement and upgrades, board repair, change of signal and ground cables.

Speaker Repair

Recone and driver exchange, driver repair, refoaming,  crossover upgrades, bracing and internal imprivments.

Vintage audio repair.

Bring us your vintage audio equipment to repair. Will examine it and quote you.


We are getting ready to open out vinyl collection for sale to the public

Audio Refurbishment

Full refurbishment of old audio equipment.

Audio Equipment

Sell and consign your audio equipment.